We are able to relate to an emotion by representing it through a symbol. Shaping sadness, guilt or anger enables us to understand how we feel. Observing our own image brings comfort and allows us to connect to our own pain and overcome it. 

Transmute is a self-portrait photographic project that talks about how human beings face loss and cope through the grieving process. The alchemical metaphor of the transmutation of lead into gold sustained the transition from pain to acceptance.

"You must be very strong to love solitude."
Pier Paolo Pasolini

Illustrious Connections

Choosing an icon from our culture and transforming into them, offers us information about ourselves.

Playing someone else allows us to develop new skills.

Photographic project inspired by the work of the illustrator Carla Fuentes, Illustrious Connections.

Three Dimes Nine

Our places reflect who we are. Our objects show what is important to us, what we hold dear, how we relate to the world. The things that surround us and we leave behind, speak about us.

We transform our spaces to project ourselves towards where we know we can go. We remember where we come from so we don’t forget where we are going.


Only one eighth of the total volume of the iceberg stands out over the water. As the ice weakens, it falls into the ocean and transits into open spaces carried by currents and winds.

The tip of the iceberg neurologically represents our behaviors while our capabilities, values ​​and beliefs are hidden in the depths. It is this submerged part that is the hardest and most dangerous of the ice giant.

Our cities have become small seas through which we sail at the mercy of the wind. Looking up allows us to ask ourselves if what we do and how we do it is consistent with what we want.

Discovering it makes it easier for us to know where we are going and adjust the course.

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